Maintaining Your Exterior Paint System

How to Maintain your Exterior Paint System

Like washing your car, cleaning your house will help it maintain its good looks for much longer.

Airborne contaminants, including salt deposits which settle on your paint film, may attack the paint surface and cause premature breakdown. Moss and lichen can also penetrate the surface of the paint film, damaging its integrity and reducing the useful life of the paint film, while mould growth can destroy the chemical entity of the resin system that holds the paint system together. The presence of moss, mould and lichen will hold moisture on the surface longer, promoting further growth of these organisms and increasing the risk of damage to the coating.

Removal of moss, lichen and other contaminants using the appropriate washing procedure will increase the life of the coating and maintain the aesthetic properties of the paint finish.

Annual washing of your home will help maintain the fresh appearance of your paintwork. We recommend using Resene Paint Prep and Housewash diluted as recommended with water. Apply the diluted solution via a garden spray unit and softly agitate the surface with a soft broom. Wash off thoroughly with fresh water.

If you are planning to wash down a freshly painted house or building, wait at least four weeks from the completion of the painting job to give the paint time to fully cure.